Aluminum/Aluminum Alloy

Aluminum/Aluminum Alloy Pretreatment
Process  Product Name Application
Skimming Agent Malate Al-147
  • A liquid phase skimming agent.
  • Designed for an aluminum and its alloys.
  • Provides superior descaling property.
  • Removes the slag and oil residues from the metal surface at room temperature.
Degreasing Agent M-Tex 911
  • Condensed degreasing agent.
  • Designed for removal of oils, grease and polishing waxes from the metal surfaces.
  • It can be used for all kind metals and alloys.
Alkaline Etchant Malate Al-191
  • Anticorrosion agent
  • Designed for an aluminum and its alloys.
Alkaline Etchant Malate Al-114
  • Micro-etching agent
  • Designed for an aluminum and its alloys.
  • It provides an excellent etching rate than caustic soda based etchants.
Acid Activation Malate Al-174
  • Pickling residue removal.
  • Designed for aluminum and its alloys.
  • Removes the oxide residues from the metal surface.
Zinc Replacement Malate Al-313
  • It can effectively strip any residual aluminum oxide from the surface.
  • Provide a very thin, dense and uniform zinc deposit.
Electroless Nickel Malate Al-100
Rapidly deposits on the surface while stripping the zincate to form an extremely adherent,
tight bond to the aluminum surface and enhances the subsequent plating process.