Company Profile

Company Overview

    Macderlun International company was founded in 1993, inspired on the development of high performance electroplating solutions, additives and technology for electronic and automobile industries. Macderlun is also professional franchise of ICB, Germany. Over two decades, The company has a professional team, efficient production units and reliable technical support. Macderlun is committed to research and innovation, personnel training, and consistently experienced strong growth by building solid partnerships with its customers to the core technology as the center.
     With our passion to deliver value, competitiveness and continues innovation made us best positioned to meet variety of requirements of customers. Our ideology of commitment and business excellence with innovation is what makes Macderlun unique within this electroplating industry. With the virtue of customers we have been associated with OEM’s, PCB, frame plating, metal plating, plastic plating, semiconductor, LCD, MLCC, automobile, plating on plastics and metal plating industries.
     Macderlun is an ISO 9001 certified company and located at Taoyuan (Taiwan), Suzhou (China), DongGuan (China), and Bangalore (India). Our infrastructure is equipped with best in class chemical analysis laboratories, surface analysis laboratories, warehouses, and modern security. Moreover, as a leading electroplating chemicals and additives supplier, Macderlun concerns environmental protection as its own responsibility and we facus on high performance & energy efficient electroplating products in order to provide environmental friendly, safer and energy saving products and technology to the industries, and make an involvement for the sustainable development of an industry.