Protective Plating

Widely used in hardware, fasteners, bicycle accessories, electronic set-top boxes, furniture and other auto parts; this process regardless of the appearance of workpiece and substrate adhesion, coating, corrosion resistance and stress are very excellent, has been adopted by many manufacturers at home and abroad, with high corrosion resistance to the fasteners, bicycle parts, auto parts, electronics and aerospace etc., with postprocessing corrosion resistance and friction coefficient can be obtained using the excellent agent.
Product Application Rank/Barrel Plating Speed
Cathode CD
ZacLun HT Acid Zinc Both   2-30
ZacLun GT Acid Zinc Rank   2-30
ZacLun AOL 600 Alkaline Zinc Both   20
ZacLun AOL 200 Alkaline Zinc Barrel 0.30 10
ZacLun AOL 980 Alkaline Zinc Rank 0.40 40
ZacLun AON 170 Zn/Ni Alloy Both    
ZacLun AON 500 Zn/Ni Alloy Rank 0.40 45
ZacLun AON 520 Zn/Ni Alloy Barrel 0.13 10
ZacLun AOF 700 Zn/Fe Alloy Rank 0.30 30
Trivalent Conversion Coating