Horizontal PTH

Macderlun provides high performance additives and reagents for the PTH proces (Desmear & Electroless Copper) in order to provide continues, void free, tight-grained and enhanced adherent copper deposition on walls of the holes of PCB.
Product Name Product Name Application
Sweller Sweller H101 Swells the resin smear
Permanganate etching solution
Neutralizer Neutralizer H102
Reduces & removes the permanganate and manganese oxide
Conditioner Conditioner H906 Clean & conditioning the holes of PCB
Etchant Etchant GT Micro-etching treatment
Pre-Dip Pre-Dip H907 Pre-Dip
Activator Activator H908 Activation (Adsorption of Pd-Cat.)
Reducer Reducer GT Reduction of Pd2+ to Pd metal
Electroless Copper Electroless Copper H-108M
Electroless Copper H-108A
Electroless Copper H-108B
Electroless copper deposition